Well, these are weird days. This Saturday and Sunday was supposed to be Massachusetts Maple weekend, which of course has been cancelled (like everything else) due to coronavirus. Joe and I discussed our plans for our scheduled open house tomorrow. We decided to cancel, doing our small part to minimize contact. We will be here boiling, nonetheless, as Mother Nature does her thing. It’s time to make the syrup, no matter what else is shifting and changing in the world! Remember, you can always order online. Stay safe and healthy. We’ll see you next year.

2011 MA maple syrup crop

Enjoy the Sun

With daylight savings today, there will be lots of sun to soak up. Join us today with this lovely sunny weather. We have lots of sap to boil, and Joe just bottled syrup for the open house. The quarts are still warm!! Open from 11-4. Visit the Hardwick Vineyard & Winery, Hardwick Farmers Co-Op, Mimi’s Coffeehouse of Hardwick, Rose 32 Bread, Hartman’s Herb Farm, The Country Store in Petersham, The Country Gourmet, while your in town.


2020 Open House

The open house season at the Hardwick Sugar Shack starts tomorrow. We began boiling much earlier this season than any other year (3 times in January!) and have continued the pace. Of course we are hoping that the cold to warm weather fluctuations continue. It’s that oscillation between freezing and thawing that makes the sap flow. Isn’t that interesting? I think that’s a good metaphor for how to live…quiet and still counterbalanced with warm and flow.

We’re open every Sunday in March from 11-4. Come visit our sugar house, and see how syrup is made. Best of all, give it a taste. All of our syrup is this year’s harvest. We sell out every year, so come and enjoy while the season is ready (another good metaphor for life: enjoy what’s here now).



Joe is tapping trees, so today, January 11, marks the start of the 2020 season here at the Hardwick Sugar Shack. I hope you are enjoying this warm weather. I’m getting off my computer now and meeting up with Joe in the woods. Who wouldn’t want to spend the day outside today?!


Just appreciating the sunrise this morning over the Hardwick Sugar Shack.


January Ice Storm

The New Year started with a sparkle, with a January 1 storm creating a gorgeous ice display. Joe and I were concerned at first that we may have lost some sugar maples with the weight of the ice. A few years back we had a nasty ice storm that decimated the forest. So much clean up! This year, though, no need for Joe to start the chain saw. Just incredible beauty for our morning walk.



It’s official, the 2019 maple season is over for us! Joe has been working out in the woods pulling taps. It was a less-than-average year for production. That’s how it goes…it’s all up to Mother Nature! Thanks to all of you who stopped by, shared our Facebook page, and otherwise connected in community! The season may be over, but here’s to enjoying the sweet taste of our labor all year long!!