MA Maple Weekend

In celebration of the state-wide MA maple weekend, the Hardwick Sugar Shack will be open Saturday and Sunday this weekend, March 16-17, from 11-4. We will be boiling sap, to make great syrup you can taste! The weather has made for a slow start this season. We are about 1/2 the production we are usually at this point. This week looks really promising—with freezing nights and day temps in the 40’s. Fingers crossed!

MA Maple weekend 2019

Storm Cancellation

Because of the storm, the open house for today is cancelled. It’s a good day to stay inside and read in front of a fire, or go for a ski (I just went cross country skiing. It’s lovely!) There is no sap to boil. Next weekend, though, looks like the pick of the month. It’s MA Maple weekend, and so we will be open Saturday and Sunday. Spring will come!

I love the plop, plop, plop of sap in the bucket. Listen closely and you can here the sap flow increasing as the sun comes out from behind a cloud.

Collecting Sap

Joe and I are just back from collecting sap. It’s cold outside, but will be warm tomorrow when the evaporator is going! Join us at the open house from 11-4. Here’s a short video on Facebook from the sugar house.

Open house 2018


This was the picture from my back deck just a few weeks ago. Winter was lovely, but now the view is very different. The spring sun is here, the snow is all melted, and the first open house starts this Sunday, March 3, 2018.

Join us any Sunday in March from 11-4 to see how we make maple syrup, test this year’s crop, and to just enjoy the pleasure of getting outdoors as spring fever sets in.

This is it—your last chance in 2017 to see us making maple syrup! The buds are starting, the temperature is evening out (less variation means no sap). Join us today from 11-4 for our open house. Follow the process of making maple syrup from tree to tasting. During the open house you can watch the sap being collected and boiled, sample the finished product, see the old-fashioned way of making syrup, and enjoy hot mulled maple cider.

Here are the directions. See you soon! https://hardwicksugarshack.wordpress.com/maplesyrup/

MA Maple Weekend

maply syrupMassachusetts is celebrating Maple Weekend! Come join the fun during our open house tomorrow, Sunday, March 19 from 11 to 4 pm.  Along with seeing how maple syrup is made, stop by Hartman’s Herb Farm for their pancake breakfast. Call (978) 355-2015 for reservations.

Menu: Maple Glazed Ham, Maple Sage Sausage patties, Eggbake
Herb Roasted Potatoes,Maple French Toast,Maple Glazed Carrots
Maple Mustard Salmon, Maple Glazed Pork Loin
Dessert: Maple Mousse or Apple Crisp (sweetened with Maple Syrup)