New land for the sugar bush

In January, Joe and I bought some land near Moose Brook in Hardwick. It’s a beautiful spot…the river flows through the property, there’s great hiking, and of course there’s lots of sugar maple trees!

The video below shows Joe and I last weekend at the new land, before our first open house of the 2009 season. I was working really hard (not!). This weekend, the second open house of the season, the weather looks fantastic. What fun it will be to have bright blue skies and warm temperatures.

We just went to check the trees, and, as you would expect, the sap is flowing. We need warm days and cold nights for the sap to flow. We will definitely have the evaporator fired up on Sunday to make the maple syrup.

There will be lots of mud, of course, when that snow from earlier in the week starts to melt. Looking forward to seeing you if you can make the trip out…


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