Flat Stanley Visits from Texas

flat-stanley-photoToday we had a very special (and thin) visitor at the Hardwick Sugar Shack. Mr. Flat Stanley came all the way from Texas to see sap flow out of the sugar maple trees. God may bless Texas, as the song goes, but there’s not a maple tree in sight in the grand state. That’s why Mr. Stanley is awe-struck in this picture as he watches the sap flow from the tree into the bucket. 

Along with our Texas visitor, we also had a group from Providence, Rhode Island stop in. And we had the girl scouts and the cub scouts stop by. Luckily they came at two different times! It was a very busy day…

I was happy to have my childhood friend Linda stop in with her husband and two children. Wish I had more time to chat! We also recruited my two nephews to help out on the farm. 

Next Sunday is the last open house of the season. We are behind production for this year, so we’re hoping that this a banner week for sap flow. Occasionally Joe boils into April, but usually at that time the buds start to show. As soon as that happens, we pull the taps because the buds affect the flavor of the syrup–and Joe is rather particular about his syrup!

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