2 thoughts on “First tap of 2010

  1. Hows the sap running up there now… I live in New York Hudson Valley .. And the sap look’s like its taken a break .. Alway’s looking for others to see how the season’s running .. Put my taps out just after V day … did’nt run to well than the last week in Feb. ran great … And that’s it …Only one Boil we had Thank’s Dave R.

    1. Hi Dave,

      Yeah, Joe’s not too happy now! We just bought a brand new vacuum pump this year and even with that the run this week was lousy. We were very surprised because the temperatures have been perfect. It supposed to run (guess no one told Mother Nature that!). Maybe not enough water? Or maybe just not cold enough at night? In any case, this week has not been good. The week before, though, was a solid run for us. Let’s hope we see another run soon. The season goes by so fast, we’ll take what we can get! I bet our neighbors in VT had a good run–they are a little colder and have more snow.

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