First open house of the 2011 season!

This weekend marks the first open house at the Hardwick Sugar Shack. Come join us! All the information, including the directions, can be found on the Visit page.

As of this writing, I’m not sure whether we will be boiling. The extended forecast looks like it’s a possibility. I’ll make a post when we get a bit closer…

I’m struck by how different this season is starting off versus last year. Scroll down and see the video from March of last year. Look–you can see bare ground!!! It was 50 degrees that day. We’ve got TONS of snow this year (what a work-out getting the lines ready for the season. Whew.) I’m hoping that lots of snow translates into a great production. Last year was our worst ever. It was too warm too fast and the sap flowed very little. I know most people love to have that spring warmth come in fast and furious after a long winter, but it makes for a lousy production.

Keep your fingers crossed for this year!

Last night, as the sun was setting, we got a real treat. A barn owl was birched on our bird feeder on the back deck and nine wild turkeys were looking for a place to roost for the night in our back yard. What a treat it is living in such a place. We look forward to having you come visit!

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