Today’s open house

It is a beautiful sunny day here today. Yes, it’s a little on the cold side, but the sun is bright and it’s early. I little more warmth today and the sap will begin to flow.

We will be boiling today. Joe picked up all the sap from our many spots at Quabbin and around Hardwick yesterday. 

Open house is today from 11-4. The baby cows are here visiting from Misty Brook farm and we have raw milk and cheese from Robinson’s Farm. Plus, the Hardwick Winery is open today. So if you come out to the Hardwick Sugar Shack for some great maple syrup, make a day of it and visit the other local farms. 

Today I expect we will be making Grade B. We have in stock all three grades of A: fancy light, medium and dark. Plus we have maple sugar and maple sugar candy.  

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