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IMG_0175This has been a very short season. Your last chance to see maple syrup being made at the Hardwick Sugar Shack is tomorrow, March 29, 2015 between 11-4. Joe and I are just leaving the farm now to go collect sap for tomorrow’s boil. Onyx and Pearl (our black and yellow labs) are awaiting our return to play more in the snow. I think they are the only ones happy to see more of the white stuff!!!

Today Joe finished another boil and made some tasty medium amber syrup. There will be taste testers tomorrow.

Hope to see you then.

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Joe and I were beginning to think winter would never end and the spring sap would never flow!

I’m very happy to report that IMG_0179IMG_0181Mother Nature has decided that spring will come after all, with the first boil of the MA maple season season happening yesterday here in Hardwick.

Here are a couple of pictures from the sugar shack–the roof snow and ice slowly melting off and the steam from the evaporator in action.

We will have our open house this Sunday, March 15. Feel free to stop by between 11-4. We do plan on boiling that day.

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Still waiting…


Joe and I hoping for warmer days!!

I’m sorry to say there is still no sap to boil into maple syrup. Joe tells me he now has sap anxiety…we’ve never started the season so late. Usually we have the first boil in January, one or two in February, then every week in March. So far this year: zero, zip, nada.

If you were planning on coming to our usual open house tomorrow, Sunday, March 8, 2015, please consider rescheduling until next Sunday, since nothing will be happening until then. The weather looks promising this coming week (yahoo!), marking the beginning of what is shaping up to be a very weird season.

Joe went to the official state tree tapping organized by the MA Maple Association yesterday, and was thankful that Governor Baker attended. We very much appreciate the time, effort, and energy the Governor took to officiate the ceremony.

You can read more about the event here. 

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In theory, today is the first open house. In practice, the maple season hasn’t begun. Mother Nature is on her own schedule, and this year the snow and cold has put off the start of the season. As I write this morning, Joe is down at the sugar house getting everything ready for when the sap does begin to move. Looking at the forecast, mid-week may be the start of the season. The temperature has to be above freezing during the day.

To get ready, Joe and Jon have been spending lots of time on snowshoes, shoveling out the lines. All this snow has the maple tubing buried. So they have to walk around the lines, packing the snow down around so that when the warm weather does eventually show up, the sap won’t be blocked from flowing through a frozen section.

I’ll give you an update mid-week about the open house next Sunday. See you soon!

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