The Season That Almost Wasn’t

Joe and I were beginning to think winter would never end and the spring sap would never flow!

I’m very happy to report that IMG_0179IMG_0181Mother Nature has decided that spring will come after all, with the first boil of the MA maple season season happening yesterday here in Hardwick.

Here are a couple of pictures from the sugar shack–the roof snow and ice slowly melting off and the steam from the evaporator in action.

We will have our open house this Sunday, March 15. Feel free to stop by between 11-4. We do plan on boiling that day.

One thought on “The Season That Almost Wasn’t

  1. Interesting photos, and a nice blog! (Interesting fact you write that your first boiling can be as early as January – every day’s a school day – for me!!)

    We were lucky to be given some maple syrup, awhile ago, but, we’re getting low. So, I’m keeping your Syrup in mind, for the time that we need more.
    Good luck, this year, with your sales, too.

    Ruth Baker
    Gilbertville, MA. 01031

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