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Today I’m heading down to the Hardwick Farmers Coop to give a seminar on making maple syrup. It starts at 10:30 am. Joe was planning to come, but as it goes with Mother Nature, you’ve got to make hay when the sun is shining…or in this case, make maple syrup when  the sap is flowing!!! I know, I know, it’s ironic that the person who writes and talks about making maple syrup is not really the person who MAKES the maple syrup. I do know a thing or two, though. I’ll give you all I’ve got later today—which is more than enough for successful backyard sugaring.


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Cup of Joe

Happy Friday! Wow, this weather is incredible. I took my morning coffee down to the sugar shack, sat on a rock, and watched the sun rise again today—the second time in as many days I took time. I marveled at the fog lifting off the lingering snow as steam came off my coffee. My coffee cooled down; the earth warmed up. Both gave up water to air, changing states.

It’s a massive sap day. Joe and Craig will be boiling down some 2200 gallons into syrup. Busy, busy! It’s very early to be so busy…feels more like March than February.


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Walking to the Sun

This Thursday morning marked the beginning of a warm spell. As Joe collected sap at Moose Brook, I walked up to the top of the hill to watch the sun rise. Yes, I know, hardly a fair division of labor but there you have it. Here are the pictures from that morning glory. Lovely!!


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Joe started the 2017 maple syrup season earlier than ever, with the first boil in January—and it was a big one! This morning he was up at 3:30 a.m. checking the vacuum pumps, making sure we are capturing all the sap from the warm weather this weekend. Yesterday he and I were at Dana Center in the Quabbin tapping trees. We only have one more small stand of trees to tap and then everything is ready. The sun was shining this morning, the dogs are following us around, and the sap flowing. All is well with mother nature. We’re grateful for this glorious day and the flowing, abundant sap!


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