A New Season Begins

This is my first post of the 2023 season—but we’ve been boiling the whole month of February, which felt more like March. The seasons are changing, and the boiling season is starting sooner and ending sooner.

This is me tapping trees in January. Well, if I’m honest, I’m schlepping stuff around for Joe and he is tapping trees. I’m just posing in this picture. No harm was done to the tree by me. Just saying.

It was easier to tap in January with the lack of snow.

Then, in February, the sap came fast and furious. For the first boil, we had over 3000 gallons of sap in one day to process. That’s a record for our small farm. Here’s a fun video of Joe opening a valve in our vacuum system and you can see the sap just blasting in.

As always, we will be open every Sunday in March for our open house from 11-4 pm. See you then!

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