The rain is still pouring down…

The rain did not stop the brave souls who came out to see the making of Massachusetts maple syrup yesterday! Thanks to those who stopped by. For those who missed it, well, you have three Sundays left (and let’s hope for some great weather for the remaining events!) Yoga master John Featherstone sent me thisContinue reading “The rain is still pouring down…”

First open house of the 2011 season!

This weekend marks the first open house at the Hardwick Sugar Shack. Come join us! All the information, including the directions, can be found on the Visit page. As of this writing, I’m not sure whether we will be boiling. The extended forecast looks like it’s a possibility. I’ll make a post when we getContinue reading “First open house of the 2011 season!”

Maple Syrup season 2011 begins…

OK, so I’m confused! In the beginning of the video I said “Welcome to the 2010 season.” It’s 2011, right? Sigh, the mind is behind…. It’s been a physically demanding and emotionally frustrating week. The amount of snow in the woods is a challenge, and our major vacuum pump equipment is acting up. It’s losingContinue reading “Maple Syrup season 2011 begins…”

Summer During Sugaring Season

Today the thermometer read 70 degrees. That’s not sugaring weather—that’s beach weather. Don’t get me wrong, I love to feel the warm sun on my face as much as the next New Englander after a cold winter, but this is just too much too soon. It’s been a pretty bad year for making maple syrupContinue reading “Summer During Sugaring Season”

Wet, windy, and cold for second open house

I was bragging last week when we had 50+ degrees and a gorgeous sunny day for our first open house of the season. No more bragging for me (well, at least for today, anyways.) Today was a miserable day. After running all over town with Joe yesterday to fix a broken sap pump, we awokeContinue reading “Wet, windy, and cold for second open house”