maply syrup

Our most popular sizes of maple syrup are 1/2 gallon, quart, pint and 1/2 pint.

They travel well in plastic jugs so shipping is a breeze. We ship in flat rate boxes.

No matter what the weight, it is $20.00 to ship anywhere in the United States (as long as we can fit it into one shipment).

Just click below to add to your cart:

Half-gallon $44.00
Quart $25.00
Pint $15.00
Half pint $11.00

We also offer maple cream, sugar, candies, and books and accessories.

If you would rather not purchase online, feel free to print out the form below and mail us a check (don’t forget to add $20 for shipping). Or give us a call at 413-477-0932 to place an order. We can take credit card over the phone if you catch me in the office. Think of it as quaint, rather than a pain in the…

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