March is Massachusetts Maple Month!

Walk where we tap trees, pick up maple syrup, and enjoy the outdoors


Every Sunday in March from 11-4.

Since you’ve been inside staying warm this winter, it’s easy to come down with house-atosis. Yes, I made that name up. But it feels real.  And the cure is simple: get out of the house and into fresh air.

March is sugaring season in Massachusetts. To celebrate, we’re opening our doors every Sunday in March from 11-4 pm so you can see how we make the sweet stuff. And while you’re in town, take a March Across Hardwick!

Grab your boots and come to Hardwick. Start at the Hardwick Sugar Shack and pick up your maple syrup at the open-air, pop-up shop at 572 Jackson Road in Hardwick Massachusetts. Enjoy the property and take a walk in the back trail.

You can also pick up maple syrup at many area locations, including:

The Country Gourmet, Barre, MA
Rose32 Bread, Gilbertville, MA
Hardwick Farmer’s Coop, Hardwick, MA
Hartman’s Herb Farm, Barre, MA
Howe’s Farm Stand, Paxton and Holden, MA
Mimi’s Coffee House, Hardwick MA
Petersham Country Store, Petersham, MA

For more information on maple sugaring in Massachusetts, visit the Massachusetts Maple Producers Association web site at

If it’s any other month than March and you want to stop by, give a call first at (413) 477-0932 to make sure we are here to greet you. There’s not much to see off-season other than a quiet sugar shack, but hey, we are happy to sell you the sweet stuff all year ’round.


From the Mass. Pike: Take the MA Pike to exit 8, Palmer. Left at the end of the exit onto rte 32N. Stay on 32N through Palmer to rte 9 & 32. Continue on 9 & 32 to 32N. 32 splits off in Gilbertville. Take 32A north at Cumberland Farms. Follow to Hardwick Commons. Just past the Commons, you’ll see the fire station on the left. Take the next right at the cemetery onto North Rd. Take your first left to 572 Jackson, driveway on the right.

From Route 2: Take exit 17 to route 32, heading south into Petersham center. Just past the center, take a right onto 122/32A, then a left onto 32A south. Continue for about 9 miles Just before you hit the center of Hardwick, you’ll see the highway department on the far right and a cemetery on the left. Take the left at the cemetery, North road. Take your first left to 572 Jackson, driveway on the right.

From Worcester:  Take 122 to Rutland. After you pass 122A and Long Pond in Rutland, take the second major left, Old Turnpike Road. The green highway sign will read Hardwick 9 miles. Continue on this road, passing straight through 2 blinking red lights, to the center of Hardwick. At the commons, bear right, heading onto 32A North. Passing a fire station on the left, take the next right at the cemetery onto North rd. Take your first left to 572 Jackson, driveway on the right.

7 thoughts on “Visit

  1. Hi Megan: Thanks for your invitation thru FF Fun. I just forwarded it to all the third grade families at Bancroft School, (just 34) so you may get some visitors. We are all so looking forward to spring, and maple sugar is one of the best signs that it is coming!

    Best, Judith Jones

  2. Megan and Joe,

    My name is Mark Lewandowski. I am Al Glockners painting buddy, Lewy. My wife, daughter and dog Salty came out to visit last spring and bought a bunch of goodies. We had a great time and it was a pleasure to meet you all.

    Five minutes ago I poured the last drop of your syrup on my hotcakes. This is a big deal as I consider Hardwick Sugar Shack real maple syrup the best on planet earth! Over the last 30 years I have bought syrup all over New England, so I know what I am talking about. Hardwick Sugar shack absolutely rules and reigns! Keep up the good work.

    I am writing this to inquire if you have any more syrup available. Let me know if you do, and if you don`t, put me on the mailing list so I can come visit this spring.

    p.s. You have a real fine website.

    1. Hi Lewy,

      I do remember you and your family from your last trip out. I’m glad you’re a loyal HSS fan. Your words should be our company motto: the best syrup on planet earth! Love it.

      We sure do have syrup. Give me a call at 413-477-0932 with your order (or email me at joe(at) and we’ll get that tasty stuff back on the table. It’s an emergency situation when a household is out of real maple syrup!


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