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After a VERY slow start to the season, we’ll be open this Sunday for our annual open house from 11-4. Given the forecast, it looks like we will be boiling. It’s been too cold most of the month for the sap to run. We need the cold, freezing night followed by the warm sunshine to make syrup. We’ve been missing the sunshine and warmth! Since tomorrow is the first day of Spring, I assume the warm weather will eventually come (and yes, I hope the cold nights continue!) Hope to see you then!

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Open house 2013

March is here, and that means the sugaring season is here too! You’re invited to our open house held every Sunday in March from 11-4.

So far this year February has seemed more like March. The sap has been flowing, and Joe has been keeping busy boiling in the sugar house. The sugar content has been high in the sap, resulting in a very light amber syrup known to many as Grade A, Fancy. If you love Grade B (as I do) that comes at the end of the season. We are not in any hurry to start producing that! We’re hoping for a very long maple season this year after last season was cut short with the above average temperature.

We do plan on boiling this Sunday, so come on by for a visit.

When: Every Sunday in March from 11-4, except Easter.
Where: 572 Jackson Rd, Hardwick, MA (see directions below).
Contact: 413-477-0932

Do wear your boots this weekend. March makes mud, so sneakers are not the best choice.

Please help us spread the word by forwarding on this email to your friends and family that may be interested.

Looking forward to seeing you!

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Today it’s warm, over 60 degrees. And it was in the 20’s earlier this week. That mean the sap is running today. Joe just left to collect sap at the Quabbin Reservoir, where we tap some trees on state land. So far today we have about 1,000 gallons of sap to boil down. We’re making really light Grade A medium amber (just a shade under the fancy grade).

Up at the house is the corned beef Joe bought. I’m not a big fan (a traitorous sentiment of my Irish heritage, I know). Once a year we have it during sugaring season, boiling it in a big pot over the fire with sap instead of water. I love the boiled veggies that go with it. The sap makes for a slightly sweet and yummy flavor. Give it a try this St Patti’s Day and let me know what you think. 


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First boil of the 2012 maple syrup season here at the Hardwick Sugar Shack in central Massachusetts. Our first run was January 31st–that’s a record! It’s the earliest we’ve ever started our season.

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The October snow storm did not herald a tough winter. Just the opposite. Very mild, and we’re making lots of maple syrup here in central Massachusetts.

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