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2-9-09-029Joe snapped this incriminating picture of Pearl and I resting in the sun as he left to go collect sap. Really, though, I was working! What’s a girl to do while she’s waiting for the maple syrup to heat up for bottling? Yeah, I’m earning my keep…this maple stuff is exhausting work, you know!

We are in the middle of a sap run now, so we’ll be boiling and making syrup on Sunday during our open house.

Joe thinks this run is the last one of the season. You can tell the trees are almost done when both the sugar content in the sap and the volume of sap decreases. Sunday will be the last open house, and it looks like it may also be the last boil of the season.

Even though the weather looks less than stellar, we hope you can join us for the last hurrah of the 2009 sugaring season! Our open house is Sunday, March 29th from 11-4 at 572 Jackson Rd, Hardwick, MA.

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flat-stanley-photoToday we had a very special (and thin) visitor at the Hardwick Sugar Shack. Mr. Flat Stanley came all the way from Texas to see sap flow out of the sugar maple trees. God may bless Texas, as the song goes, but there’s not a maple tree in sight in the grand state. That’s why Mr. Stanley is awe-struck in this picture as he watches the sap flow from the tree into the bucket. 

Along with our Texas visitor, we also had a group from Providence, Rhode Island stop in. And we had the girl scouts and the cub scouts stop by. Luckily they came at two different times! It was a very busy day…

I was happy to have my childhood friend Linda stop in with her husband and two children. Wish I had more time to chat! We also recruited my two nephews to help out on the farm. 

Next Sunday is the last open house of the season. We are behind production for this year, so we’re hoping that this a banner week for sap flow. Occasionally Joe boils into April, but usually at that time the buds start to show. As soon as that happens, we pull the taps because the buds affect the flavor of the syrup–and Joe is rather particular about his syrup!

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In January, Joe and I bought some land near Moose Brook in Hardwick. It’s a beautiful spot…the river flows through the property, there’s great hiking, and of course there’s lots of sugar maple trees!

The video below shows Joe and I last weekend at the new land, before our first open house of the 2009 season. I was working really hard (not!). This weekend, the second open house of the season, the weather looks fantastic. What fun it will be to have bright blue skies and warm temperatures.

We just went to check the trees, and, as you would expect, the sap is flowing. We need warm days and cold nights for the sap to flow. We will definitely have the evaporator fired up on Sunday to make the maple syrup.

There will be lots of mud, of course, when that snow from earlier in the week starts to melt. Looking forward to seeing you if you can make the trip out…


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