Season’s over, no open house today

Happy Easter! Because of the holiday we will not have an open house today. In fact, not only is it Easter today, it definitely feels like spring. With the warm temperatures, and no freezing at night, the season is over. No complaints here; it has been the best season ever for us. And it’s been a long one. Our first boil was in January, the earliest start we’ve ever experienced. Unlike last year which ended before it began with our last boil in the middle of March, this year we have continued to boil for over 9 weeks. 

Our thanks to all our farm supporters – people who travel far and wide to come to our open house and continue to purchase syrup all year long from us. We are so appreciative of the loyal followers who tell us that our syrup is the best! We never tire of hearing it. 

Wishing you a wonderful passover, a joyous Easter, and a happy spring. We’ll see you next year!

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